30 Sensational Soccer Logos

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With the Euro 2012 tournament in full swing, the quarter finals being battled as we speak, now is a great time to take a look at some creative uses of soccer balls in logo design.

The simplicity of a soccer ball lends itself well to some bold logos, and allows the clever designer lots of room for creativity. Here are some of our favorites, starting with the official UEFA Euro 2012 logo.

UEFA Euro 2012

Fantasu Football Leagues

Army Soccer Cup

Soccer Corps

Football For All

Sport House Group


Dribbble Soccer Ball

Thousand Islands Soccer Club

Brazilian Wine

North Tyneside Elite Soccer

Soccer Team Logo


Excel Sports

18 Yards Out

Southside Football Academy

Kickstreams Beta

Focus Football

My Football Club

Orliki Football Academy

BetLover Bookmakers


Turkey Football Federation Logo Idea

Ligue 1

Corner Sport Cafe & Restaurant


SH United



River Jam Soccer Tournament

Hopefully these simple yet striking logos have inspired you – whether you’re designing a logo for your local sports team or bringing the world of soccer to a dynamic startup.

Please share your favorite soccer logos, and give your thoughts on our examples, in the comments section below.

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