7 Tools to Make Every Web Pro’s Life Easier

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There are more websites that claim to make life easier for web professionals than you could shake a stick at. I’ve listed a collection of apps and sites that I know make my life easier, and they might help you out too. Have a look and try a few out!

5 Minutes


The affiliate marketer’s best friend.

Affiliate marketers know that the key to sales is hits, and the key to hits is multiple websites. The only problem is that, after a while, setting up website after website can get god-awful boring. That’s why I like 5 Minutes. They will let you put together a fully functioning site in 5 minutes or less (hence the name) with everything you need to get online and selling. The only drawback is that there are extra charges for higher function tools like payment processing.

Best Feature: All the websites are fully customizable with their extensive palette of web page designs.

Pingdom Tools

Test the load time of your sites.

Pingdom is a free, easy-to-use tool to that will help webmasters and web developers optimize the performance of their websites. Nobody likes a slow-loading website and with this site you can check for a number of things that will slow down the loading speed of yours, from ‘bottlenecks’ to graphics that are just too big. Just load your site and Pingdom will test it and spit out a ton of data about it, giving you what you need to make changes and get your site up to speed. Great stuff, and it’s free.

Best Feature: The Performance History shows a history of every test you made on your site in a full-color graphic.

Mighty Deals


Excellent prices on web tools that pros use every day.

Mighty Deals is one of the better ‘deal’ websites on the net right now because they actually give you deals on stuff that you can use as a web professional, not just filler and junk. They have deals on everything from vector graphics to text effects and fonts, and they update every day. You can even find a bunch of free stuff on the Freebies page.

Best Feature: The ‘Deal of the Day’ gives you a different great deal every day.


Start a new HTML5 project in 15 seconds.

Initializr is an HTML5 template generator based on HTML5 Boilerplate. It generates a clean customizable template with whatever you program it to use, and will get your projects started in record time. It’s highly intuitive and will cut out a lot of the boring rote work that used to be necessary when getting a new HTML5 project started. This is some pretty geeky stuff. If you’re a newb it may be a good idea to ask for a little help with this one.

Best Feature: For those who aren’t so geeky (like me!) it has an instruction guide in French, English, Spanish, Russian, Croatian, Dutch and Portuguese.


Webfonts the easy way.

Fontello helps to combine iconic webfonts for your project. With Fontello you can shrink glyph collections, minimize font sizes, merge symbols from several fonts to a single file and access large sets of professional-grade open source icons. Fontello makes it easy to create custom iconic webfonts that are exactly what your project needs. Fair warning: web programmers and pros only as this interface is not for the timid.

Best Feature: Fontello generates everything you need in a ready to use format.



Stunning public domain images for your websites.

If you’re a web publisher then you know that finding great quality free images is a real chore. Not anymore, because Pixabay has thousands of high quality images that are free whether for commercial use or not. That’s just this side of awesome! I’ve seen a lot of their pics and they are indeed incredible. They also accept work from contributors, but of course since they’re free it comes without attribution to the original author.

Best Feature: Pixabay is available in 20 languages.


Track your time, hit your budget.

If you’re in the service industry they say that ‘your hours are your inventory’. If that’s the case, Tick is your inventory management solution. An easy-to-use program that stays mostly out of sight, it will track all hours from multiple people on the same project, helping you to come in on-time and on-budget. It’s free too, and set-up takes only a minute. It’s a simple program, to be sure, but it seems quite capable.

Best Feature: Tick self-updates and sends you the info at regular intervals without the need for a prompt.

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