Creative Fuel #9: Mega UI Pack, Responsive Typography & Coda 2

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Creative Fuel is a periodic collection of design and creativity awesomeness found around the web. Find out about new apps and services, the best freebies, and other significant news from the design community!

Design Freebies: Mega UI Pack & Map Overlay


Thingiverse: Designs for Makerbot


If you find yourself browsing all the time or you’re a designer who is into DIY, you’ll love Thingiverse. It’s a library of awesome projects you can use with your Makerbot 3D printer.

Responsive Typography: The Basics


Oliver Reichenstein of iA has posted an in-depth article covering the basics of good responsive typography. It’s fairly easy to wind up with inconsistent type if you’re not paying close attention while designing a responsive site, and there are plenty of great tips in here. For instance, do you consider the distance of the device from the eye when determining typeface sizes for mobile and desktop?

CSS Hat: Photoshop Layer Styles to CSS3


File this under “I wish I knew about that sooner.” CSS Hat is a Photoshop extension that turns Photoshop layer styles into CSS3 with one click. That’s all it does, but it’s bound to save any web designer who works in Photoshop countless hours. Normally $ 29.99, it’s $ 19.99 for a short time.

CSS Preprocessors Poll Results


Blog polls don’t often collect enough data to be particularly indicative of much, but Chris Coyier’s CSS preprocessor poll over at CSS-Tricks has garnered almost 13,000 responses. That’s enough to give as at the very least an unscientific idea! Though I know LESS has become quite popular in recent times, I was surprised to learn that it has overtaken SASS/SCSS.

A Case for Responsive Résumés


I found this A List Apart piece on responsive résumés quite interesting after playing around with the idea last year. The author, Andrew Hoffman, has some great ideas on how a resume should collapse that can be seen in the demo. Worth a look even if you’re not preparing for a job hunt.

Panic Releases Coda 2


Coda has long been a fan favorite as an all-encompassing web designer’s editor. With Coda 2, the team has made many improvements to the software, including code folding, smart complete, Git integration, live updating and much, much more. The launch price is $ 75, down from $ 99.

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