Creative Fuel #10: UI Kit Freebie, Retinafy Your Site & Gridset

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Creative Fuel is a periodic collection of design and creativity awesomeness found around the web. Find out about new apps and services, the best freebies, and other significant news from the design community!

Design Freebies: UI Kit & Folder Icons

365psd brings us some new freebies this week. Check out this UI kit and these folder icons.


Building Books with CSS3


One of the interesting pieces from the most recent edition of A List Apart is on Building Books with CSS3 by Nellie McKesson. This read will show you how to use CSS and markup to produce print-quality books and export them to ePub.



David Gamache, former ZURBer and currently a designer at Twitter, is known for his boilerplate project Skeleton. Gamache decided that for some projects, Skeleton just isn’t enough of a skeleton and created Cinderblock. It’s a stripped down HTML/CSS boilerplate so you don’t need to spend time removing elements for smaller projects.

How to Retinafy Your Website


Haven’t updated your website for retina displays? With retina phones and tablets having existed for quite some time since the iPhone 4 came out about two years ago and the new retina MacBook Pro selling well, it is probably time to take care of that. Developer Thomas Fuchs has put together a flowchart that’ll help you figure out the process and make revamping your existing site easier.

Gridset & Compound Grids


We talked about the announcement of Gridset in a previous Creative Fuel, and the app’s beta has finally launched. In a post on Mark Boulton’s blog, he talks about Gridset and compound grids, and in the process gives you a look inside Gridset. Check it out.

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