23 Popular Logos Built Purely with CSS3

Continued from our previous post about 16 graphics coded purely with CSS, this time we’re going to show you 23 logos drawn purely with CSS only. With the support of drop shadow, rounded border, gradient and CSS3 transform, we are able to draw some of the popular logos due to its simplicity. If you have made one, do let us know. :)

  • Android Robot Android Robot
  • Amro Amro
  • Adidas Adidas
  • Adobe Adobe
  • Apple Apple
  • Atari Atari
  • BP BP
  • Cloud9 Cloud9
  • Colorvivo Colorvivo
  • Dribbble Dribbble
  • Google Chrome Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
  • Magento Magento
  • McDonalds McDonalds
  • Nike Nike
  • Opera Opera
  • Pepsi Pepsi
  • Twitter Twitter
  • Reddit Reddit
  • Windows Windows
  • Volkswagen Volkswagen


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