Creative Fuel #11: Design Freebies, Photoshop Blend Modes & Symbolset

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Creative Fuel is a periodic collection of design and creativity awesomeness found around the web. Find out about new apps and services, the best freebies, and other significant news from the design community!

Design Freebies: Comment Interface & Dropdowns

Check out these freebies from 365psd — a UI pattern for comments and the comment form, and a selection of light and dark dropdown menus.


How to Set Text on a Circle with CSS


CSS-Tricks has a guide on using Lettering.js and CSS3 transformations to set text to a circle. This is great if, for example, you want to recreate a company logo that uses the seal format without image files.

Symbolset: Semantic Symbol Fonts


Check out Symbolset, where you can buy symbolsets — semantic symbol fonts — that can be used in modern web browsers and anywhere else that supports OpenType features. These fonts are semantic, so you can call up a symbol using a term — such as ‘cart’ for a shopping cart icon. This means that screen readers and search engines see words while users see the icons — a big improvement on the old way of doing things. Currently there is a standard set available for $ 30 and a social set available for $ 1.

Writing Effective Documentation for WordPress End Users


Smashing Magazine has a piece up by Siobhan McKeown on writing effective documentation for WordPress end users. As more and more designers, developers and those in between get into making WordPress products, this is an important read and something we should all strive to do a better job on in the future.

An Explanation of Photoshop Blend Modes


We all use Photoshop’s blending modes, but with their obtuse names, most of us don’t know why most of them work the way they do. Check out this in-depth explanation of each and every one of them on MyInkblog, via Khoi Vinh.

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