FF Scuba Marries Tourist With Alice In Wonderland

Searching for ways to promote typefaces in an increasingly crowded market place, foundries find fresh and novel ways to grab the attention of the type-loving public. For the past few years more and more new type designs have been advertised with trailer-like short videos. Driven by their love for type and powered by their passion for music, FontFont went one step further. They wanted to explore different ways of showing their new typeface releases by merging the disparate worlds of type and music.

FF Scuba from FontFont on Vimeo.

Inspired by the friendly and distinctive character of Felix Braden’s new type family FF Scuba and the latest EP from rising star Tourist, FontFont produced a dreamy music video. In collaboration with Jonas Kaminski they visualised the poppy electronica combining footage of water in different contexts with geometric shapes and excerpts from Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. FF Scuba – released this Spring – is a legible contemporary sans with a distinctive character. Searching for an offline companion for Verdana and not finding the exact tone he was looking for, designer Felix Braden set off to develop a new series of types. The resulting family is a bit tighter and more condensed than Verdana. In small sizes FF Scuba blends well with Verdana, and in display sizes it reveals its particular originality. The design combines constructed letters, like an almost rectangular o, with dynamic strokes and other elements referring to writing. This mix gives the typeface a lively touch, while still keeping true to its technical roots. The video clearly shows how legible the letter forms remain, even transparent on moving backgrounds.

London native Will Phillips a.k.a Tourist announced his debut 7″ and digital EP release on Make Mine in March 2012. Will has made a name for himself with his remixes under the name “Little Loud” and his mixes over the past 18 months for artists such as Ariel Pink, HEALTH, Yeasayer, and Memory Tapes were regular fixtures on many a music blog. Under his new moniker, Will loves to use analogue tapes and field recordings to create a melodic sound that really resonates when listened to alone or on the dance floor.

For a limited time, FF Scuba Regular OT and FF Scuba Regular Web are available for free download.

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