40 Online Photo Editing Tools for Dummies

I don’t know what professional photographers and designers think about free online photo editing services, but I’m sure that all photo fans are definitely crazy about them. These services allow you to quickly and easily modify images at your liking and don’t require any specific skills, knowledge or software. They also allow to skip numerous steps in applying complex effects to pictures and create great images with just a few mouse clicks.

I think that it’s not a secret that photographers and designers also use some stamps and plug-ins to simplify repeating and time-taking operations. So why common users have to suffer from hard-to-understand software?! I vote for using simple, but very effective tools (online photo editing resources) to create impressive and funny photos yourself.

Nearly all of the services are connected with several social networks, so when you’re done with your picture you can share it with friends on the web. Also there are many services which offer you to create an account and to use their tools in full.

While browsing through these photo editing tools you’ll see that all of them are very fascinating and it’s easy to forget about everything while playing with them. So, here is a small recommendation to you: before starting examining these photo editors make sure that you have something eatable at arm length, because you’ll be unable to stop for quite a long time.

1.Hollywood Makeover

Online photo editing tool

This small online photo editing tool allows you to try celebrities’ appearance on yourself. Experiments with hear, eyes, lips and skin are welcome.

Hollywood Makeover →


Online photo editing tool

This tool was created for a quick picture editing using all types of photo effects, fonts, shapes, doodling, distortions, etc. You can upload photos from your computer, edit sample ones or practice on photos from PhotoBucket, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Phanfare and Smugmug.

FotoFlexer →


Online photo editing tool

MagMyPic is another photo editing tool which will help you to feel like a star. There are many fake magazine covers templates. You just need to apply one of them to you photo (uploaded one or taken from Facebook) and share your Mag via Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social networks. If you have some money you can order a Framed Mag ($ 2,95) or download the image in a high resolution ($ 0,49).

MagMyPic →


Online photo editing tool

LunaPic website is a place where you can edit images and videos from your computer or from Facebook, Flickr, etc. You can create animations or collages (max size 1570×1570).

LunaPic →

5.Photo Funny

Online photo editing tool

This free photo editor will arrange your photos as cool as never before. Here you’ll find original photo frames, greeting ecards, photo manipulation templates for children and older people, photo collages, animation images, profile pictures, etc.

Photo Funny →


Online photo editing tool

Within this free online image editor you can edit photos and create magazines’ covers. Everything’s simple: choose a photo effect, upload a picture and that’s it. It’s really easy!

jpgFUN →


Online photo editing tool

Here is another website to help you to make your photos look great. Here you’ll find many photo effects and collages which are very easy to use. Moreover, the service automatically identifies faces on photos that makes it very convenient and accurate.

PhotoFunia →


Online photo editing tool

You’ll never forget this photo editing service. There are two ways to edit your photos: within the Pixir photo editor which can do the work like Photoshop and within Pixir-o-matic retro vintage editor. You should definitely try the second one – its original design will blow your mind.

Pixir →


Online photo editing tool

This online service offers you to personalize photos using different graphics, glitter and comments. After finishing your designs it’s possible to share them on the web.

Blingee →

10.Photo 505

Online photo editing tool

Thousands of photo effects and filters are waiting for you on this photo editing website. Moreover, every day new photo effects are uploaded to the gallery, so you’ll always find new digital photo effects to have fun with. All website pages can be translated into 15 languages, so this service can be called a cosmopolitan one.

Photo 505 →


Online photo editing tool

Photovisi is an easy-to-use and absolutely free collage maker. Some collages are available only for registered users, so you need to have a Facebook account to get a full access to photo tools. Also there are many collage template which doesn’t require any registration.

Photovisi →


Online photo editing tool

Every picture will look great with this free online photo editing website. The tool will fit everybody, especially those photo fans who’re going to retouch their photos.

PicTreat →


Online photo editing tool

Dr.Pic will help you quickly modify photos from your webcam or computer. The compact drop-down menu shows effects which can be applied to images and formats in which ready-madepics can be saved (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png).

Dr.Pic →


Online photo editing tool

This online photo editing tool will teach you how to create photo montages, ecards, magazine covers and other funny photo manipulations with your photos. It’s a great chance to create original designs in a matter of couple of minutes and to surprise your friends in social networks or via email.

WriteOnIt →


Online photo editing tool

Phoenix image editor can be easily used right in your browser. There are also other design services from Aviary that you can use for free: Screen capture, Vector editor, Effects editor, Music creator, Audio editor, Image markup, Swatch editor. There you can also find useful tips on how to use the tool.

Phoenix →


Online photo editing tool

This photo editing tool allows you to upload pictures from your computers, from your social media accounts or use a link to a photo on the Internet.

Phixr →

17.Photo Editor

Online photo editing website

This free online photo editor is very simple, so everybody can use it. It includes all basic tools to make your photos and images look great. After editing you can download your picture, save it online or print it.

Photo Editor →


Online photo editing tool

SplashUp, also known as Fauxto, unlike the majority of free online photo editing tools allows you to edit several images at once. It’s really very convenient and worth trying.

SplashUp →


Online photo editing tool

This site will grab your attention for hours. Here you can play with photos and animation or create your own image templates for other people. There are such tools like Scetchpad, Facebook timeline covers creator, Poetry blender, Word mosaic, Photo frames, etc.

ImageChef →


Online photo editing tool

Want to surprise your friends with funny photos? That’s very easy. AnyMaking photo editing site presents numerous creative and free photo effects. There is also an online photo editor, so you can easily retouch your ordinary shots and create real artworks.

AnyMaking →


Online photo editing tool

Pho.to is another way to share fun with the entire world. More then 100 photo montages, painting and drawing effects, magazine covers, celebrity collages, photo frames, photo collages, background effects, filters, etc. are waiting for you.

Pho.to →

22.Tuxpi Photo Editor

Online photo editing tool

It’s a photo editor for lazy photo fans. 58 photo editing tools which will make your pictures better are at your services.

Tuxpi Photo Editor →


Online photo editing tool

iPiccy is a free online photo editing tool which doesn’t request registration or access to your social accounts. It shows all the changes you do to images in real time, so you can enable or disable them.

iPiccy →


Online photo editing tool

BeFunky is a convenient and eye-catchy interface of this tool will amaze you immediately. And rich functionality will help to make your photos look as good as never before. That’s true!

BeFunky →

25.Festive Playing Cards

Online photo editing tool

Playing cards, logos and money can now be used in your photo montages. Try this unusual photo editing tool and see your face framed with new details!

Festive Playing Cards →

26.Fun Photo Box

Online photo editing tool

Here you’ll find another collection of photo effects to play with. A well categorized website structure will help you to find the best photo effects quickly and easily.

Fun Photo Box →

27.Foto Trix

Online photo editing tool

This free online photo editing resource has several categories of photo effects. Each category includes many templates, so you can find awesome effects to each of your photos.

Foto Trix →


Online photo editing tool

MyHeritage is a free online service to apply advanced face recognition technologies to personal photos and family history. It allows to find out which celebrity you look likee, who your children resemble more, to create your morph and to organize your photos with face recognition.

MyHeritage →


Online photo editing tool

piZap is another way to make a photo collage, to edit photos, to create backgrounds and Facebook timeline covers, to find out new webcam effects, etc.

piZap →

30.Face in Hole

Online photo editing tool

Here you’ll find photo manipulation templates for kids, young people and grown-ups. Within this online photo editing tool you can be a cowboy or a princess, a football player or a rock star at the same time.

Face in Hole →


Online photo editing tool

Dumpr is a great tool for those who like to surprise their friends with unexpected photo manipulations. You can edit your pictures and then share them on Facebook (it’s free) or save them on your computer (for members only).

Dumpr →


Online photo editing tool

This service creates photo mosaics very quickly and easily. What is more important, it’s absolutely free. So you can create original and very impressive gifts for your friends and relatives in a few minutes.

PicArtia →

33.Photoshop Express

Online photo editing tool

Don’t have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer? It’s not a problem because Photoshop Express will edit your images on the run.

Photoshop Express →


Online photo editing tool

This fun tool is so easy-to-use that it seems even children are able to use it. There are many photo and face effects, photo frames and templates to trim photos.

LoonaPix →


Online photo editing tool

This application allows to mix faces and hair from different photos. So you don’t need a stylist to know if some hairstyle suits you or not, you can do everything yourself.

HairMixer →


Online photo editing tool

With this tool you can edit and save your photos, images and screenshots. You just have to spend several minutes for registration and then enjoy the tool.

PhotoTool →


Online photo editing tool

This online photo editing site is a real wizard in situations when you need a quick help to fix photos.

Pixer.us →


Online photo editing tool

PixiSnap will turn your images to awesome photo mosaics and creative Polaroid files. It’s also possible to set these photo manipulations as your desktop wallpapers.

PixiSnap →


Online photo editing tool

Citrify allows you to edit your shots and apply colorful details to them. The website’s editors can be proud of their most popular “Obamify” effect, so you shouldn’t forget to test it.

Citrify →


Online photo editing service

Picture2Life is an easy-to-use free online tool which was built to help you to edit pictures, create collages and animations. Moreover, it allows you to share photos on the web.

Picture2Life →

Ooh, now that’s it! Now you’re armed with 40 powerful online photo editing tools and you can easily create your own photo masterpieces.

P.S.: This article was created for 3 days and 2 of them I was playing with online photo editors. Frankly speaking, I was surprised to realize it. So be aware of such black holes. Beautiful photo manipulations can drag you.

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