10 Audio Logos So Effective You’ll Know Them All

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Today brand identities for major corporations are worth billions of dollars. Most of you I’m sure are intensely aware of the importance of a visual logo in creating a brand identity, however, companies are now looking for the next thing to grow their brand. This is not to say that visual identity is gone, it’s just that we humans have other senses that can help us recognize a company.

Marketers who are working on the problem call this sensory branding. In this post I’m going to focus on one aspect of sensory branding called audio branding.

Experts in the field of audio branding generally define it as the strategic use of sound within a business. One of the most recognizable parts of an audio brand is the audio logo. An audio logo is a short sound byte that usually accompanies a visual logo on screen.

For your inspiration here are 10 of the most recognizable audio logos.


Intel inside has been one of the most successful brand building exercises.


The iconic three note chime is synonymous with this media company. Funny thing about this audio logo is that NBC never intended this to be part of their brand. You can read more about the history of the NBC chimes here.


I’m lovin’ this audio logo.

20th Century Fox

Although this one breaks the mold of a traditional audio logo it is strongly associated with the company.


Nothing is more powerful than a lion roar… except maybe a crying baby.


Sadly this brand has met some tough competition as of late. The yodel will forever be stuck in my head.


Nokia recently crowdsourced a new audio logo, but the classic sound will no doubt be remembered.


Life is good.


No movie is complete without it.

Mercedes Benz

It’s like heaven from the skies. Luxury at its best.

Do you have a favorite audio logo? Can you recognize a company by its voice or sound? Tell us in the comments section.

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