DrawHistory, a design company with a conscience

A new design company, DrawHistory, is providing web design services with a conscience. They are pledging to donate a fixed portion of their earnings to charities they preselect.

The designer and developer pair behind DrawHistory, Jeff Effendi and Jordan Singer, are aiming to mix their passions of design and humanitarian work together, in their words:

“DrawHistory was founded on a simple intention: to combine what we love doing with what we have always been passionate about. With our respective abilities to design and develop, we’re hoping we can raise enough funds to not only better ourselves but others as well. DrawHistory is not a charity organization and it does not aim to be; it houses a few designers and developers intent on doing something about the many problems third world countries face.”


The team has garnered two clients since their launch this past Monday. DrawHistory’s first target is $ 5,000, working through Charity:Water to provide water to 250 people. The group is also working with Oxfam Australia and Save the Children. In the future they also hope to build small infrastructures, such as libraries and water projects.


The pair are also interested in having non-profits as potential pro bono clients, as recommended by their site visitors. They work in HTML5 and CSS3 and use Photoshop for their design needs.

Would you consider this conscientious route for your company?

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