Radian adds another affordable panning time-lapse camera attachment to Kickstarter

raidian time lapse kickstarter

Hot off of the crowd-funding heels of the Astro comes the Radian, a time-lapse and motion control device for photographers looking to spruce up their work without emptying their wallets. The attachment works with digital SLRs and any camera with a trigger-release input, and can even be used with smartphones. The Radian is programmed by a special app developed for iOS and Android, which allows photographers to set precise time and motion intervals, as well as bulb-ramping for seemless lighting transitions for Canon cameras. Photographer Kris Cheng and company plan to implement a rechargeable lithium ion battery and external USB power pack connectivity, which should help out in the case of long photo shoots.

Unlike the Astro, the Radian…

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