Play this: feel the ‘Geometry of Love’ with trippy 80s visuals and music from the Chromatics

Geometry of Love

Geometry of Love is a web-based game set to the tune of Lady by the Chromatics and produced by Kill Screen. The objective of the game is simple — avoid the shapes that appear in time with the thumping rhythmics of the song. As the music is queued, a floating wire-frame woman (that we assume represents your digital self) floats onto the screen followed by shimmering stars, light rays, and other geometric shapes.

Geometry of Love is part of a joint advertising campaign between Pitchfork and Intel highlighting the chipmaker’s Ultrabook laptops. The game’s design was done by Ivan Safrin, who has done interesting visual effects for music videos in the past. If you’d like to play your way through visual effects inspired by “the late 70s and…

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