Republic Wireless reopens for waitlisted customers with the Motorola Defy XT at $249

Defy XT Republic

Republic Wireless is re-opening its Beta for new customers and switching to a phone that’s slightly more modern than the old Optimus S it had been using: the Motorola Defy XT535. As the company explained last April, it’s allowing new customers in off its waitlist in “waves,” and once invited new customers will be able to purchase the smartphone for $ 249 — with no contract. The company is also sticking to its $ 19/month unlimited talk, text, and data model — and apparently will also be sticking with its no-caveats decision to keep the service truly unlimited even if you’re using actual airtime instead of its Wi-Fi features for calling.

The Defy XT will be launching on the network with Android 2.3 and its otherwise familiar specs: a…

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