10 Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 Poster Designs

FIFA has decided that the 2014 football World Cup will be held in Brazil. From 12th June to 13th July 2014 the world will behold a spectacular competition where dozens of teams from throughout the world will battle for the coveted world championship. Brazil last hosted the world cup in 1950, which was more than 60 years ago. Then the final took place in Maracana stadium which then had a capacity of 174,000 people! This time they are surely going onto something even bigger.

Though the World Cup is two years away, there is still a large amount of frenzy and craziness amongst its fans. To add to the excitement here we present you with 10 graphic posters that have been designed specifically for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

 World Cup(Brazil 2014)


Copa 2014


Brazil 2014


Fly Emirates


 Guia da Copa 2014


Brand Identity for 2014 Fifa World cup


Fifa World Cup 2014 Mural


Em 2014


Absolute Hexa


 Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup

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