DesignCrowd – Creative Logo’s from the Crowd is another crowdsourcing website where people who can not design turn to in there time of creative need. The way it works is quite simple, said person/business submits their project/brief to the website, and designers like you and me take a look and submit our concepts. If your concept is the project holder’s favorite, you get paid. Simple.

There are positive and negative opinions towards this type of website from many different creative practitioners. The negative usually consist of comments regarding the industry and how it is being taken for granted, and also how this kind of crowdsourcing can reduce the quality and integrity of the design market.

The positives on the other hand are quite obvious, if you are good at design then websites like this can be easy money. Also the jobs are right there in-front of you, and you can choose your favorites to enter, and from a business point of view the website is most definitely not short of top designers so a good result is pretty much guaranteed at a good price.

The #1 Ranked designer on DesignCrowd has made over $ 130,000 dollars, and he started making his thousands in May 2011, so be sure to look at his profile and see what sort of stuff that he has designed.  Not a bad sum of money from purely using this website.

For a little inside look at what sort of competitions take place on Design Crowd, I have collected an example below for you to look at with some general statistics :

For just $ 650, Rock Publicity received 315 designs from 147 designers and purchased this one from Art TankCheck out Art Tanks profile to see all the other competitions that he has entered and how much he has made.

Here are some of the other designs that were submitted for the same competition. As you can see the diversity is quite large, so of course that is a plus for businesses, and helps keep designers on their toes.







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