Maingear Pulse 11 and Origin EON11-S review

Pulse Eon Lead

PC gamers looking for a platform that will travel with them have plenty of options — recent nods go to the Samsung Gamer 7 and the Alienware M17x — but one can hardly call laptops that start at over nine pounds “portable.” Let’s take a look at something a bit smaller, from two well known boutique PC vendors: the 3.7 pound, 11.6-inch Maingear Pulse 11 and Origin EON11-S.

You’ve probably noticed they’re identical. The machines are rebadged variants of the Clevo W110ER; Clevo is a Taiwanese manufacturer that has made its fortunes selling generic notebooks to better-known boutique vendors. The internal hardware is also near identical: both laptops offer a 35W quad-core Intel Ivy Bridge processor, a 28-nanometer Nvidia GeForce…

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