NASA’s new rover arrives on Mars, crash lands in YouTube’s DMCA hell

NASA DMCA takedown

This morning at around 1:31AM EST, Curiosity, NASA’s latest robotic Martian rover, touched down safely on the surface of the Red Planet’s Gale Crater. But video of the historic event, posted to NASA’s own YouTube channel, wasn’t so lucky. Motherboard reports that about an hour after appearing on NASA’s livestream, a video uploaded from Curiosity’s control room during the landing was replaced by a DMCA copyright notice, purportedly the handiwork of the site’s notorious automated takedown system.

About an hour later, the video was back online. The offending copyright claim came from one Scripps News Service, and it wasn’t the first time — back in April, the company had also removed a video of the Space Shuttle Discovery riding atop a 747…

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