Air-dropped art: how ‘Project: Blue Sky’ aims to deliver 3D-printed statues with flying drones at Burning Man

ReAllocate Blue Sky

Bringing home a souvenir from an art or music festival is nothing out of the ordinary, but ReAllocate plans to give Burning Man visitors a keepsake they won’t soon forget: a personalized 3D sculpture delivered via air drone. The nonprofit is calling this initiative Project: Blue Sky and has turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to make it a reality.

When festival-goers stop by ReAllocate’s “dome” — a structure comprised of several shipping containers — they’ll be able to pose for a 3D photo captured by Microsoft’s Kinect. Once the picture is taken, they’ll be handed a GPS transponder and can get back to enjoying Burning Man festivities. In the meantime, ReAllocate will create a miniaturized 3D model of each person with the help of a…

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