Honda moves into robotic lawnmower market with Miimo

honda miimo

You’re probably familiar with ASIMO, Honda’s humanoid robot, but you might not be aware of the company’s expansive range of lawnmowers. Today the two come together at last with the announcement of Miimo, a new entrant in what Honda calls the “fast-growing European robotic lawnmower market.” Miimo is designed to cut 2-3mm of grass at a time throughout the week, and does so in a random pattern to reduce the stress on your lawn. There are two models, Miimo 300 and 500, the latter of which is able to mow lawns up to half the size of a football pitch.

As for its robotics, Miimo operates autonomously within a boundary wire placed around the owner’s garden, has three bump sensors, and will automatically return to its charging dock when battery…

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