17 Stunning Pure CSS3 Menu Techniques


Menu is probably the most important part on many websites. It’s sitting there for merely one single purpose: easy for you to navigate through all the pages. Before CSS3, the background images of each menu item can bring you a heck load of pain, as well as the javascript powered drop-down items and sub-sub menu . Now we are able to create stunning menus only using pure CSS, even including awesome animations. The following pure CSS3 menu techniques and tutorials are for you to experiment and get a hang of it. Let’s get started.

Pure CSS Drop-down Menu

Pure CSS Drop down Menu

Stunning Menu in CSS3

Code a Responsive Navigation Menu

Create a Flashy Menu Using CSS

Creative CSS3 Animation Menus

CSS3 animated dropdown menu

Navigation Using CSS3

Sexy CSS3 menu

CSS3 Animated Menu

Accordion With CSS3

Vertical Navigation Menu in CSS3

3D Menu in CSS3

Vertical Drop down Menu

Animated Glossy CSS3 Navigation Menu

Apple Menu in Pure CSS

Simple and Clean CSS3 Menu

Large Pressable CSS3 Navigation


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