Mastering Type 2012 Presents New Type Design(er)s

For the second consecutive year, Mota Italic Gallery in Berlin, Germany presents the typefaces of the 2012 masters students of the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague (NL) and the University of Reading (UK). This initiative comes from Reading graduate Rob Keller and his wife Sonja Keller who run Mota Italic. The exhibition offers a sneak peek at this year’s graduates from Europe’s two main post-graduate type design courses, providing an early view of their unique new designs. It can be visited until September 15th, 2012.

Rob Keller explains the reasoning behind this joint exhibition:
Rob Keller | “It’s fairly simple – no one else has done a joint show of the two schools before (except us last year) and there are certainly many interested people curious about what the current students are producing*. It is always fascinating to see the works of these two schools side by side. It begs the viewer to find similarities and differences between each program. Sometimes there are are visible trends from each school, but often times more generalised and cliché ‘differences’ are assumed.”

“This type of exhibition fits in with the general concept for our gallery: namely to help promote type design and typography. We are happy to show all kinds of new and interesting typographic work and this is a small opportunity we can offer to the students to help spread their names and show their work.”

The Hague class has made nice specimens online the last few years, but the Reading class doesn’t show off their work in as time-sensitively way (thanks to their research-driven dissertations due shortly after the typeface submission).


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