New iPhone USB cable with smaller dock connector allegedly leaks

iphone dock connector USB cable (veister)

It’s almost a given by now that the next iPhone will feature a redesigned, smaller dock connector; we’ve heard the rumor for quite some time, and have seen alleged handset cases show up with the compact port. Now a photo circulated on Twitter by Jack Yao of Chinese accessory vendor Veister appears to show an example of a cable that’ll use that port. There’s little to distinguish it from an official Apple product, but it could also be a third-party replacement. If that’s the case, though, Veister doesn’t seem to be selling it.

The cable has FTC markings and what looks like a scannable QR code on the standard USB end. The smaller dock connector seems to line up with earlier reports and photos of a double-sided plug with 9 pins on each side,…

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