Type]Media Unveil 2012 Crop To The Typography World

The unveiling of a fresh batch of graduates from KABK’s intensive one-year masters course in type design has been much anticipated moment for a couple of years now. Since the actual presentation improved so much with the introduction of the 2011 Type]Media website last year it has turned into a minor event in the type world.

This year’s website does not disappoint, both in the quality of the type designs and once more an excellent online portfolio, designed by Thijs van der Vossen of Fingertips, using Bold Monday’s monospaced Nitti. Twelve bright new hopes for type design each have their dedicated section, allowing them to present their work with a couple of well-designed sample pages and a concise blurb cum biography. The influence of the school’s philosophy and of the teachers very subtly shines through, yet the typefaces all look accomplished and personable. As for the graduation projects of the other main post-graduate course in type design – Rob Keller explained that the after their typeface submission the University of Reading MATD class still have to turn in their dissertations, which interferes with their ability to properly present said typefaces. I hope they somehow find a way to also share their creations with the rest of the world. With such great post-graduate courses the future of type design continues to look promising.

Click any image to go to the full showings with additional information on the Type]Media 2012 website.

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