Compact Fujifilm X series camera leaks ahead of Photokina

Fujifilm X compact camera

This morning we caught a leak of the new Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless camera, and now Digicam Info is back with yet another never before seen model. Details are a little more scarce this time around, but it appears that this model will sit lower on the totem pole than the X-E1. Allegedly called the “XP1” or “XF1” (Digicam Info wasn’t sure which one it would be), the new camera is more compact than the X-E1 and features a fixed lens and a delightfully retro design. The camera itself appears to be made of metal, and it is finished with a leather — or faux leather — covering in the areas that matter most. Either way, the clean lines and combination of texture and metal makes this camera quite the looker.

The new camera’s lens has a 4x zoom…

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