LevelUp makes paying by phone easier for retailers with new reader

levelup nfc

There are two primary means of paying with your phone at a brick-and-mortar store: scan to pay using a QR code, and tap to pay using Near-Field Communication, or NFC. As the market battle rages over which pay-by-phone technology will win out, LevelUp has decided to hedge its bets with a new piece of hardware that supports both.

LevelUp currently lets customers connect their credit or debit card, download an app, and show a QR code to pay. Businesses can then easily track repeat customers and offer discounts for loyalty; LevelUp estimates the average user saves $ 25 a month. The company is the second-coming of check-in game SCVNGR, once considered a Foursquare competitor, and recently raised $ 12 million from top-notch venture capitalists…

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