Filling in the gaps: the odd ‘digital rituals’ we perform to make technology serve us

CITY OF SOUND digital rituals

User interface design has been increasingly focused on gestures — from Apple’s use of pinch-to-zoom to the Charms bar in Windows 8 — because they’re (usually) a natural and easy-to-grasp way of navigating in the digital world. There’s certainly lots of interest in these sorts of gestures, but an essay by Dan Hill on City of Sound takes a closer look at the sometimes humorous, often bizarre postures that we perform in the absence of well thought out design. The gestures highlighted in the essay — shaking a mouse awake or walking around looking for a strong Wi-Fi link — offer an intriguing look at where human nature meets technology.

“A user approaches a sleeping computer and attempts to rattle it into life by hammering the…

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