The Classics: ‘The Jesus Incident’

Classics The Jesus Incident

The Classics are must-see, must-read, must-play works revered by The Verge staff. They offer glimpses of the future, glimpses of humanity, and a glimpse of our very souls. You should check them out.

Frank Herbert is well-known, even amongst less hard-core science fiction fans, as the author of Dune. However, few have heard of The Jesus Incident, a later work written in collaboration with poet Bill Ransom. First published in 1979, the novel tells the story of a warring group of humans and clones, placed on a terrifying yet beautiful planet by a god-like figure known as Ship.

‘The Jesus Incident’ challenges religious beliefs, political opinions, and even sexual taboos.

Like the Dune series, The Jesus Incident also has a messiah-like figure…

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