Come play Vergecraft Realms, our new Minecraft experience, tonight at 6PM ET / 10PM GMT


Vergecraft lies in ruins. They say its citizens became too advanced for their own good, creating a sprawling empire of stone and steel — until their own technology destroyed them from within. It’s one-thousand years in the future, and the descendants of those noble adventurers are ready to reclaim their former glory. There’s just one problem: it’s a gritty, deadly, post-apocalyptic anarchy out there, and you’ll have to deal with warring militias that want to keep you shackled in the stone age. But you’re not going to let them. You’re going to hustle out there, like a young Tom Cruise, and plant your flag in the ground for the future.

It’s a tougher, meaner, more exciting Vergecraft. Come play with us, tonight at 6PM EDT / 10PM GMT,…

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