Students design ‘Skube’, a Spotify-powered music box — but will it be produced?

Skube with laptop

A group of students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) has just shown off a new device called the Skube, which aims to make listening to music a more physical and social experience. We spoke with Andrew Spitz, one of the designers, who shared with us some development sketches and some pictures of the project’s early prototypes.

The most interesting aspects emerge when two or more Skubes are put together

At root, the Skube is a sort of jukebox, using Spotify to play music from sideloaded playlists. In ordinary use, it cycles through users’ lists — when flipped over it automatically switches to Discover mode, using’s API to find similar music. Turning the device on its front pauses the music, while…

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