In crowded group texting space, Celly pitches ‘a private version of Twitter’

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The plaza at 55 Water Street was too windy, the Occupy Wall Street protesters had decided, and there were too many cops. “There’s more police here than usual,” said Shawn Carrié, a smiley twenty-something with a mass of small dark curls, “and it’s noisy.” He gestured to his right. “And there’s a helipad over there.” About two dozen organizers had assembled in the plaza but more were on the way, including some people from other cities. “Hey, we’re going to have to move,” a girl wearing a backpack and purple pullover told Carrié. “Can you send a text to the whole group to let them know?”

Carrié is a member of the Tech Ops Working Group, and he’s one of the organizers with the ability to send mass texts using Celly, a tool…

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