Barnes & Noble fires back at Amazon with new Nook HD and HD+ tablets, starting at $199

Barnes & Noble Nook HD

Back and forth, back and forth. So Amazon and Barnes & Noble have gone, in an endless game of one-upmanship over the last few Kindle- and Nook-filled years. That’s why when Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD, the clock started ticking toward its rival’s inevitable retaliation. And retaliate it has, as Barnes & Noble announced today two new tablets aimed head-on at the two Kindle Fire HD models: the Nook HD and HD+.

The 7-inch Nook HD is aimed primarily at readers, while the HD+ is a 9-inch device intended more for shared, home use. In both cases, reps were full of superlatives for the devices, and evidence to back them up. When they bragged about the Nook HD being the “lightest 7-inch tablet on the market,” reps produced a Nexus 7 and…

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