RIM circles the wagons, but the BlackBerry 10 caravan needs to get moving

Alec Saunders BlackBerry Jam

It’s cold and quiet at the San Jose Convention Center on the second day of the BlackBerry Jam Americas conference. It’s as if the AC is keyed in to accommodate a larger crowd — RIM says that 1,500 developers registered for the event, but on day two it certainly doesn’t look like the majority of them are here. RIM didn’t officially launch BlackBerry 10 this week, but it did give developers and consumers the tools they need to prepare for the platform’s real launch — which is still some unspecified number of months away.

RIM knows full-well that success doesn’t ride on just whether or not it is able to keep its enterprise customers, ship a good OS, and create a beautiful piece of hardware. BlackBerry 10 needs apps, so RIM is pushing…

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