Evernote CEO Phil Libin responds to Skitch critics: ‘We don’t think the world needs another MS Paint’

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“Our vision for Skitch hasn’t changed at all,” Evernote CEO Phil Libin insists, “and the core beliefs of its founders are lined up with ours.” Yet, plenty of Skitch users are upset with a recent update to the app that removed some well-loved features like instant uploads and added long, ungainly Evernote URLs in place of Skitch’s short links. “We did a full rewrite of Skitch, and we didn’t take anything out — there’s just some stuff we haven’t put in yet,” Libin says. Evernote acquired Skitch back in August 2011, and has slowly been integrating the two popular applications.

But he isn’t worried. “We have to draw some lines and ask ‘What is Evernote not?’ and ‘What is Skitch not?'” he says. The company actively dogfoods all its own…

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