HTC One VX and One X+ for AT&T with Sense 4+ give the One series a refresh (hands-on)

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It was less than a year ago that HTC revamped its smartphone line with the handsome and well-performing One series, but now that the holidays are coming the manufacturer has seen fit to update a couple of its models in the form of the mid-range One VX and the top-end One X+. Both HTC and AT&T have already revealed the two devices — and we have spent a bit of time with the international variant of the One X+ — but now we’re getting a closer look at both of these smartphones.

The One VX is the more interesting of the two phones as it’s features an updated design over the One V that it replaces. Its tapered and curved edges, as well as its inlaid black face fails to make the phone truly stand out, but it does remind us a little bit of…

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