Choosing the Perfect CMS for Your Business [Infographic]

These days, we’re all trying to build websites quickly and easily, and developers are turning to open-source content management systems (CMS) to help them get the job done.

Choosing the Perfect CMS for Your Business [Infographic]

Multiple content management systems are floating around the web, and finding the right one has become extremely challenging. Without a clearly defined set of requirements, you might be tempted by fancy but ultimately useless functionality. What, then, should you keep in mind when facing the dilemma of choosing the perfect CMS for your business?

What is so important about CMS? Simply put, a CMS makes creating and editing content simple and easy. Developers often forget that this is its main purpose. They cripple themselves (and their customers) by constantly searching for more functionality.

Content doesn’t mean just text. Sometimes your website will require a contact form or user-authentication system. Look for a CMS that provides the required functionality you need without sacrificing ease of use.

This infographic by provides a summary of the fundamentals of content management systems, the industries in which they are used and the various types of CMSs available. It provides details of the date of initial release, the platform used, the latest version, the number of themes each CMS has, average setup and customization cost, average monthly maintenance cost, the number of websites using the CMS, the popular websites that use the platform and the top industries using the CMS.

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