10+ Interesting IM Chatbots To Add As Contacts

One of the earliest chatterbots in existence dated all the way back to the 1960s. Fast forward five decades later, chatterbots, or chatbots for short, have come a long, long way and are no longer just capable of making small talk and responding in incoherent sentences.

One may think that Chatbots are simply technology of the past, but there are still some interesting chatbots you’ll want to add to your MSN and Gtalk just for fun. Ok, maye not entirely for fun, they do have some neat features that’ll keep you productive.

Chatbots nowadays are not only just fun virtual companions you add to your contact list to throw random phrases at, they have also evolved into virtual assistants with built-in features such as the calculator, clock, translator, dictionary, Google, Wikipedia and Twitter integration. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our list to find out more!

GTalk Chatbots

There are a few handy Chatbots available for Gtalk that you won’t want to miss, because they can really speed up your tasks. These practical, easy and fast Chatbots would probably make you not need your browser anymore.

GTalk Guru

Ask GTalk Guru anything under the sun, from weather forecasts to general information, language translation and meaning of words.

Add Contact: guru@googlelabs.com

GTalk Guru

iNeZha RSS Alert Bot

Be among the first to know when your favorite blog or news feeds is updated with this RSS alert bot.

Add Contact: inezhabot@gmail.com

iNeZha RSS Alert Bot

Gtalk Translator Bot

If you often need to get some instant translation done, you should have the Gtalk Translator Bot on your list. Only one language runs on one chatbox. So with 25 language combinations available currently, one bot is certainly not enough.

Add Contact: en2es@bot.talk.google.com (English to Spanish) & more.

Gtalk Translator Bot

Pingbooth Notes Keeper

Stash your notes quickly at Pingbooth Notes Keeper, and retrieve it easily by typing "find" followed by your keywords with this Chatbot.

Add Contact: ping@pingbooth.com


Math Bot

Need to do some quick calculations? Your calculator isn’t complex enough to handle certain functions? Add Math Bot, play around with +,-,*,/ or type "help" to check out more advanced functions.

Add Contact: talk@mayafile.com

Math Bot

Exclaim Bot

Exclaim Bot is your Twitter assistant. Visit excla.im, allow it to access your Twitter, and you can now post anything instantly to Twitter by sending your message to this bot.

Add Contact: exclaimbot@appspot.com

Exclaim Bot

PuSH Bot

Get push notifications from Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Google Reader and many more in this one-stop PuSH Bot. Remember to check out other features of this bot with the /help command.

Add Contact: push-bot@appspot.com

PuSH Bot

Chitter.im Twitter Bot

Chitter.im Twitter Bot takes it one step further from Exclaim Bot by not only helping you to tweet instantly; it can also retweet, send messages, follow someone and run the many more features offered on Twitter.

Add Contact: chitterim@appspot.com


Xpenser Bot

This one-of-its-kind bot helps you keep track of your daily expenses and records in a neat report on your Xpenser account. You can easily register and access your account and expenses report on Xpenser.

Add Contact: xpenserbot@gmail.com


MSN Chatbots

Not using Gtalk as you are a loyal fan of MSN? Fret not, those features can be handled equally well with MSN Chatbots. Translator, dictionary, calculator, Wiki? MSN Chatbots have got it covered.


TBot is like MSN’s Gtalk Translator Bot. It’s not flawless, but it’s good enough if you’re trying to communicate with a foreign pal. One good thing is that you don’t need to add different contacts for different language sets, unlike Gtalk’s.

Add Contact: mtbot@hotmail.com


The World Of Alice

Alice, your virtual buddy, can do a lot of simple things for you. Alice has a calculator, dictionary, clock, translator and even jokes to keep you happy and productive.

Add Contact: alice@worldofalice.com

The World Of Alice


First Alice, now Frank – but FRANK is a more specialized bot; he is actually your automated drug information provider. Shoot FRANK any questions from anabolic steroids to YABA, and FRANK will give you friendly and confidential information and advice about drugs.

Add Contact: talktofrankbot@hotmail.co.uk

Talk To Frank


Wikifriend is indeed a jolly friend! Friendly, with a whole library of information at its disposal, ask Wikifriend anything and it’ll be happy to answer you anytime!

Add Contact: wiki@wikifriend.net


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