Alphabet: Re:Production – A Modern Experiment in Typography

What happens when you combine biological processes and human innovation with typography? Let’s say, take the biological process of reproduction, the machine invention era of the industrial revolution and try to put them together in a type-face. Sounds bizarre?

Well, Birgit Palma, an Austrian designer based in Barcelona, has attempted to come up with this striking experiment in typography. In the series titled “Alphabet: Re:Production“, the illustrations show type designs modeled around figures related to reproduction as well as machines.

To explain it further, we shall allow the designer to speak directly, “Initial idea was a type, which reproduces itself. Machine letters, mixed up with human elements procreating themselves.”

At the very basic level, you can easily see the amount of efforts that have gone into the creation of this gallery. Each letter has been crafted with great thought and the designer’s talent is clearly visible in the entire collection. If you have an interest in typography and innovative designs, we are sure you’re going to enjoy browsing this collection.

Designer: Birgit Palma
URL: Alphabet: Re:Production

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