Apple iPod nano review (2012)

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Here’s the thing: you can’t really write a review of the new iPod nano. What is there to say? It is a small slab of aluminum with a multitouch screen that plays music files exactly as well as every iPod before it.

That is to say, it plays MP3 and AAC files extremely well. It also does a handful of other things, but all of them are secondary to playing back MP3 and AAC files, which, as I’ve mentioned, the iPod nano does really well. Hey, you can go through a ponderous syncing process and then look at photos on the iPod nano’s 2.5-inch screen! That’s cool, but really you’re going to use it to play MP3 and AAC files. Check it out — you can listen to podcasts! Guess what — they download as MP3 and AAC files. Maybe you’re…

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