Hands-on with the first IGZO panel smartphone, Sharp’s SH-02E

sharp sh-02e stock 1020

Sharp has definitely seen better days, but the one ace it’s always had up its sleeve is incomparable display technology, with its CAAC-IGZO– and CG Silicon-based panels in particular offering some record-breaking pixel densities. At NTT Docomo’s Winter model unveiling today we got to spend a few minutes with the world’s first cellphone with an IGZO-based LCD — Sharp’s 4.9-inch Aquos Phone Zeta SH–02E — and while its 720×1280 resolution (pictured below) wasn’t anything special, it heralds some important advancements for mobile devices.

If you haven’t heard of it by now, IGZO stands for indium gallium zinc oxide, a semiconducting compound that Sharp uses to make the thin film transistors (TFTs) — the tiny switches that…

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