N-Trig puts a supercap in its stylus, makes it rechargeable


With Windows 8 just over a week away, large touchscreens are the talk of tech town. However, N-Trig believes that some of you will want to purchase a stylus as well. Like its well-known competitor Wacom, the company’s been providing active digital pens for a while now, with many levels of pressure sensitivity and the ability to hover over the screen, but there have always been a number of limitations. Now that the company believes the stylus might find a bigger niche, it’s prepping some more accessible options. For instance, while most of N-Trig’s recent pens require a AAAA battery, N-Trig’s Gary Baum gave us a sneak peek at the very first rechargeable model.

See the thin silver pen in the case above? It uses a supercapacitor, so you…

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