Netflix surpasses 25 million streaming subscribers in the US

Netflix Headquarters 3

Netflix just released its Q3 2012 earnings, and the big news is that Netflix now has 25.1 million streaming subscribers in the US, up from the 23.9 million users announced last quarter and the 21.5 million customers Netflix reported in Q3 2011. This more than offset the decline in domestic DVD subscribers, which dropped by 690,000 in this quarter. Internationally, Netflix streaming subscriptions reached 4.3 million, up significantly from the 1.5 million the company reported in Q3 2011. This all led to $ 8 million in net income and $ 905 million in revenue, up 10 percent from Q3 2011 and up from the $ 889 million in revenue last quarter.

Netflix also took a moment to discuss competitive threats to its streaming business, noting that HBO…

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