25 Yet More Free Fonts for Headlines (from 2012)

As we like to do every year, today we are taking a look at some of our favorite free and professional fonts that are perfect for headlines and titles. So that means no script fonts, no gothic fonts, certainly no comic/cartoon fonts… just plenty of serif fonts (there are a couple of sans-serif) that will compliment and add professionalism to the title/headline of your content.

(They would all look great as a web-font as well.)


Nexa - Free Font 2012
Nexa Download Page →

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro - Free Font 2012
Source Sans Pro Download Page →

FV Almelo

FV Almelo - Free Font 2012
FV Almelo Download Page →


Infinity - Free Font 2012
Infinity Download Page →


Maven - Free Font 2012
Maven Download Page →

Hammersmith One

Hammersmith One - Free Font 2012
Hammersmith One Download Page →


Fenix - Free Font 2012
Fenix Download Page →


Straightforward - Free Font 2012
Straightforward Download Page →


Manteka - Free Font 2012
Manteka Download Page →


Homizio - Free Font 2012
Homizio Download Page →

Citizen Slab

Citizen Slab - Free Font 2012
Citizen Slab Download Page →

Mission Script

Mission Script - Free Font 2012
Mission Script Download Page →

Deco Neue

Deco Neue - Free Font 2012
Deco Neue Download Page →

Blue Highway

Blue Highway - Free Font 2012
Blue Highway Download Page →


Sreda - Free Font 2012
Sreda Download Page →

Mocha Script

Mocha Script - Free Font 2012
Mocha Script Download Page →


Edmondsans - Free Font 2012
Edmondsans Download Page →


Sherbrooke - Free Font 2012
Sherbrooke Download Page →


Intro - Free Font 2012
Intro Download Page →


Prosto - Free Font 2012
Prosto Download Page →


Mikodacs - Free Font 2012
Mikodacs Download Page →


Oranienbaum - Free Font 2012
Oranienbaum Download Page →


Zaguatica - Free Font 2012
Zaguatica Download Page →

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln - Free Font 2012
Abraham Lincoln Download Page →


Archive - Free Font 2012
Archive Download Page →

Color Basic

Color Basic - Free Font 2012

Color Basic has been inspired by the TRS-80 Color Computer. The first models didn't possess a lowercase set and in their place you got a set of inverse capitals. Color Basic comes with lots of accents and symbols as well as a set of block elements so you can construct low-res graphics. Perfect for retro design.

Color Basic Download Page →

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