iFixit tears down Microsoft’s Surface tablet

via guide-images.ifixit.net

The Surface tablet is a unique piece of hardware, built directly by Microsoft and meant to offer a fusion between laptop and tablet. It’s just hit the market, and iFixit has gotten its own unit to take apart. Most of the Surface specs were already known, but iFixit gives us a look at the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, dual Wi-Fi antennas, and a 31.5Wh Samsung-built battery that offers more watt-hours than the iPad 2 but less than the third generation’s 42.5Wh battery. Samsung is also responsible for the flash storage and display.

By design, tablets aren’t really repairable, so it’s no surprise that the Surface’s glass screen and LCD display are fused together, or that getting into parts of it is no easy task. But many parts are modular or…

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