‘Why won’t you die?!’ The art of the jump scare

jump scare lead

An alarm clock glows in the darkness: 3:18AM. All is silent… until a low, steady creak groans through the house.

A young woman turns on the bedside lamp, squinting across the room. Shadows gather around vague outlines of furniture. Nothing moves. Then, voices. Murmuring. Somewhere down the hall.

She pads into the living room on bare feet. The television must have been left on, but there’s a problem with the signal. The picture flickers, briefly coalescing around the shape of a shadowy figure, only to break apart into digital noise.

Moving closer, she reaches out towards the TV. With every step, the image becomes clearer; it’s almost as if the figure can see her…

CLICK! She turns the television off. Exhales.

That’s when a…

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