Acer’s S7 commercial features a lot of Megan Fox, little of Acer’s Windows 8 ultrabook

megan fox acer

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft — who leaned on the charms of Jessica Alba to help it promote the virtues of Windows Phone 8 — Acer has unveiled a new commercial for the Aspire S7 ultrabook starring Megan Fox. You’d hardly know it’s intended to sell the new Windows 8 laptop, however, since Megan owns most of the 90-second screen time, leaving the S7 to make only occasional cameos. It’s like the company constructed an awkwardly scripted mini-movie and decided to do some product placement in it.

While this latest ad may not be Acer’s finest moment, it’s intriguing to note that it’s part of a broader marketing campaign from the company, focusing on using well-known actors to promote its products. Acer has been angling to make a…

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