Watch this: Björk’s incredible new ‘Mutual Core’ video and its geological pyrotechnics

bjork mutual core

Björk has a history of stunning music videos, but she may have outdone herself with this latest effort. The clip for “Mutual Core,” taken from last year’s Biophilia album, features the Icelandic singer up to the waist in quicksand surrounded by shapeshifting geological creatures and explosions of lava. It was commissioned by Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and directed by Andrew Thomas Huang; the video has made its online debut on MOCATV, which is the first official YouTube channel to focus on contemporary art.

MOCATV also posted a making-of video that goes behind the scenes of the Reykjavík set. Filming involved a combination of CGI effects, heavy makeup, and physical props manipulated like puppets against a green…

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