Living with Apple TV: you get what you pay for

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I’ve always held a grudge against Apple devices, yet somehow I’ve come to own nothing else. My first smartphone was a Motorola Droid. I had it for two years and in that time, spent probably a total of $ 10 on apps. I spent more than that in my first day with an iPhone.

My first web TV was an original Boxee Box. After that I added an Xbox 360. My latest purchase was an Apple TV, and I managed to spend more on films and TV in the first few months than I had in my two years with the Boxee or Xbox. Clearly, Apple knows how to make a slick, seamless store that anyone can learn to navigate easily, and as someone who would rather be working a little harder and getting the goods for free, I kind of hate them for that.

Boxee, for example,…

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