Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ becomes most viewed YouTube video of all time

Psy in Gangnam Style

“Gangnam Style,” the cult hit by Korean hip-hop star Psy, has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time, beating the previous record-holder, Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” At the time of writing, the video — which was uploaded in mid-July — has over 803,760,000 views, beating Bieber by more than 30,000. It also remains the site’s most liked video, having won this accolade in September.

As well as a boost for Psy, taking the top spot is a victory for his record company, YG Entertainment. While every other video in the top six is hosted by content marketing firm Vevo, “Gangnam Style” is hosted on Psy’s own “officialpsy” channel, run by YG. Whether the company will be able to harness their star asset’s newfound popularity to prevent…

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