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You probably subscribe to scores of sites via RSS, follow hundreds of developers and designers on Twitter and friended dozens more on Facebook. From this, you will need to sift through your personal content jungle everyday, just to find the 2-3 articles that interest you and actually find worth reading.

How awesome would it be if there was a one-stop solution that offered only the best articles and tutorials daily! If you too have felt the same, allow us to introduce you to Sidebar — your daily resource for relevant and carefully picked design related content.

Sidebar, built by Sacha Grief and launched on October the 26th, has a really simple concept: it sends you, by email, five of the most important design related links of that particular day. That is it. Nothing more. Only five links per day. Content is being provided by some of the top guys and sites from the community, guaranteeing you quality. The curators include @tkenny, @chriscoyier, @codrops, @dfadeyev, @jankowarpspeed, ourselves (@speckyboy), and many, many more.

Sidebar is still in its infancy and does not have any grand features such as comments or upvotes. However, over time, as the concept gains momentum, Sacha does intend to add more features.

Have you subscribed yet?

What do you think of Sidebar? Will it help you organize your reading?

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