RED puts $1,450 Redray Player up for pre-order, stakes a claim to 4K video with proprietary format and Odemax distribution platform

redray player stock press 1020

It’s looking pretty likely that 4K TV won’t be a fad, but if you buy a pricey new Ultra High Definition television this holiday season, you might have some trouble finding 4K content. Sony will actually deliver a 4K home media server to buyers of its 84-inch, $ 24,999 4K UHDTV and even preload it with ten movies, but soon there will be another option: the $ 1,450 Redray Player, from RED Digital Cinema. We got a quick peek at an early version at the NAB expo early this year, and now RED has put the hardware up for pre-order.

As typical for RED products, the 5.9 pound aluminum set-top box looks like it’s built like a tank, and plays 4K video from an internal 1TB hard drive anywhere between 24 and 60 frames per second. It has six HDMI ports,…

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